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1st Subsurface / TROVE

1st Subsurface / TROVE

We are a multidisciplinary energy consultancy providing data, analytical tools and consultancy services to clients around the world. Our unique TROVE KnowledgeBases provide unrivalled insight into Oil & Gas.

Providing global oil & gas coverage of more than:
- 7,200 fields
- 3,400 discoveries
- 3,400 prospects
Interactive Charts show subsurface trends at a glance. Filter charts with just a click to hone in on information valuable to your project.
Global Analogue Comparison seamlessly presents selected data alongside all global assets.
Prospect Portfolio Tool enables you to privately compare proprietary data with basin trends and analogous accumulations.
Delivered to your team in Excel format: simple, fast, powerful

Searcher Seismic

Searcher Seismic

Searcher is a leading service provider of multi-client geoscience data and products to global oil & gas and mining exploration and production companies. In addition to extensive global geophysical and geological data libraries that include multi-client 2D and 3D seismic data, magnetics and gravity data, geochemical surveys, digital well databases and prospectivity studies, Searcher also offer advanced technological software products. These products include, Seisintel, an online marine survey and vessel tracking software; sAIsmic, a web platform which provides global seismic data on-demand with native support for deep learning; and GeoClerk, a web-based search engine that utilizes machine learning to source industry related imagery.

ENH (Empresa Nacional de Hidrocarbonetos)

ENH (Empresa Nacional de Hidrocarbonetos)

ENH (https://www.enh.co.mz/pt/sobre-nos/) is the Mozambican State entity responsible for researching, prospecting, producing and marketing petroleum products and represents the State in petroleum operations. Created in 1981, ENH participates in all petroleum operations and in the respective phases of research, exploration, production, refining, transport, storage and marketing of hydrocarbons and their derivatives, including LNG and GTL. Upstream actions are focused on research, development and production of Oil and Gas with the main objective of increasing the probabilities of discovery in the exploration phase and to optimize the recovery of resources in the production phase. At the downstream level, ENH aims to diversify and massify the use of gas in Mozambique.



EXCEED is the largest independent well management company and our mission is to maximise the recovery factor, managing the productive life of our clients’ wells whilst enabling the energy transition to Carbon Zero.

Following an unwavering path of service diversification and internationalisation since establishment in 2005, EXCEED has developed into a turnkey consultancy covering all aspects of well operations required globally; from field development, subsurface services and managed pressure drilling expertise to ad-hoc engineering studies and well management campaigns across the entire lifecycle.

Headquartered in the UK, EXCEED’s international presence includes bases in Norway, Ghana, Australia, Canada and Mexico. Clients include a well-diversified range of supermajor oil operators and national oil companies, as well as independent operators, tier 1 supply chain and drilling contractors.

Committed to leading our clients’ energy transition via carbon neutral operations wherever possible, our services include:

Integrated Subsurface
Well Management
Managed Pressure Drilling
Performance Improvement

Challenger Energy Group

Challenger Energy Group

Challenger Energy is a Caribbean and Atlantic margin-focused oil and gas company, with a range of petroleum assets located onshore in Trinidad and Tobago, and Suriname, and offshore in the waters of Uruguay.

Challenger Energy’s portfolio of opportunities represents a mix ranging from valuable production assets in Trinidad and Tobago, near-term appraisal and development projects in Trinidad and Tobago and Suriname, and high-impact exploration assets located in Uruguay and Trinidad and Tobago.

Challenger Energy Board, management team and staff base have a broad range of skills as well as deep technical and industry experience.

Challenger Energy’s vision is to be an energy business generating reliable, growing, profitable production, supplemented by high-impact but low-cost exploration activities, in combination creating value for all shareholders. Challenger aims to be an employer and partner of choice and to make a valued contribution to the communities and nations in which it operates.

Base Energy Ghana

Base Energy Ghana

Base Energy Ghana Limited is an Indigenous Ghanaian Company (IGC) that aspires to be a leading producer of oil and gas. Incorporated in 2009, we are a subsidiary of CH Group. Our strategy is to acquire interests in shallow water and onshore oil and gas assets, with existing discoveries, and continue to invest in further exploration and appraisal to accelerate commerciality. With varied portfolios, we plan to develop high-quality assets with strategic and operational advantages. Our vision is to build strong reserves and production base through exploration, appraisal and development that propels our growth aspirations. We strive to be a responsible energy provider and to be the company of choice for all our stakeholders.
We aim to develop assets consisting of various exploration and production activities throughout the Extended Shallow Water Tano (ESWT) Block offshore Ghana. Base Energy has 67.5% equity interest and is the operator of the Block. ESWT has 3 existing oil and gas discoveries – North Tano, West Tano and South Tano fields with a STOOIP of 600m and 160bcf of Non-Associated Gas with significant upside potential through further exploration.

We focus on running safe and reliable operations, protecting our people and the environment.

Lebanese Petroleum Administration

Lebanese Petroleum Administration

The LPA was established in 2012 as an autonomous public institution mandated to plan, supervise and manage the upstream petroleum sector in Lebanon’s offshore across the petroleum activities’ value chain.

In preparation for the licensing process, the LPA drafts the legislative framework, supports the decision making process and promotes the Lebanese petroleum potential.

The LPA undertakes all preparations related to licensing rounds, including communicating with companies, managing the prequalification process, evaluating the offers, and providing recommendations on awarding the blocks.

During the operational phase, the LPA follows with due diligence on the Right Holders’ activities, coordinates and organizes the oversight of petroleum activities and reviews submissions and plans.

The LPA provides periodical reports to the Minister of Energy and Water and to the Parliament to share knowledge with the public and promote an informed national dialogue.

The LPA is committed to transparency in promoting and strengthening good governance in the petroleum sector. The LPA exerts every effort to ensure a successful, sustainable and inclusive development of the petroleum industry by setting strong pillars for the sector and by actively promoting investment in the exploitation of hydrocarbons to benefit current and future generations.

Ratio Petroleum

Ratio Petroleum

Ratio Petroleum is an energy focused partnership, which was founded in 2011, and is operating globally in O&G exploration and renewable energy. The Partnership was established by key members behind the discovery of the giant Leviathan gas field, and has a vast experience in different basins worldwide.
Ratio Petroleum currently holds petroleum interests in three different offshore basins: Guyana, the Atlantic margin of Morocco, and the East Palawan Basin in the Philippines. The total area of the partnership’s petroleum interests is approx. 130,000 sq km. The Partnership continues to search for more assets and investment opportunities around the world.
Ratio Petroleum’s strategy focuses on operating in areas where great potential is spotted and no significant petroleum discoveries have yet been made, like the Levant Basin prior to the Leviathan and Tamar discoveries. This strategy was proven again in the Guyana Basin, which is currently considered one of the “hottest” locations in the world for exploration and production of oil.
The partners of Ratio Petroleum are some of the world’s leading energy companies, including ExxonMobil, Hess, Navitas and ONHYM.

Europa Oil & Gas

Europa Oil & Gas

Europa Oil & Gas (Holdings) plc is an AIM listed exploration and production company focused on very high impact exploration in Morocco, Ireland together with onshore oil production in the UK. Europa is a leading explorer in Ireland with highly prospective gas licences around the Corrib field. The company produces 93 BOPD from three onshore oilfields in Lincolnshire and has 30% of the Wressle oil field that is currently producing (under free flow) over 700 BOPD with zero water cut. Site upgrades are ongoing and production is currently from one reservoir with two additional reservoirs currently not in production. In September 2019, Europa was awarded a 75% interest in the Inezgane permit offshore Morocco. Technical work has revealed multiple prospects with over one billion barrels of unrisked oil resources together with a shallower Tertiary play analogous to the Anchois discovery. Europa has entered into a farm in agreement with I3 Energy to drill the Serenity appraisal well in the North Sea with a 25% interest with a Q3 2022 spud. Europa actively supports the energy transition with a collaboration between Baker Hughes and Causeway GT to conduct a geothermal clean heat project at the company’s West Firsby field.

North Sea Natural Resources

North Sea Natural Resources

Our vision is simple but ambitious: To become a leading independent oil and gas exploration and production company
To achieve this, we are implementing an ambitious exploration and appraisal drilling programme across our license areas, capitalising on the experience of our team and our extensive knowledge of the regions in which we operate.

Our Strategy: Our primary focus is on the assets that we have, where our team has years of experience managing exploration, development and production projects. We concentrate on areas that are prospective for oil, in proven hydrocarbon regions and where we believe we have a competitive advantage.
Our team has the technical knowledge and experience to find oil and gas fields, properly appraise them so STOIIP and GIIP are correctly estimated production platforms are correctly located and so that the fields are produced and operated efficiently across the full life cycle of exploration, development and production.

Moyes & CO.

Moyes & CO.

Moyes & Co. is a global advisory and consulting firm whose professional team has worldwide practical operating and technical experience in the oil and gas industry. The company provides strategic planning, evaluation, investment, and transaction advice to clients ranging from start-ups to multi-national corporations, governments, state oil companies, and the financial and service sector. The Managing Directors of the company have 40 to 50 years of experience in the technical and commercial/finance sectors of the industry and also have experience serving as Expert Witnesses. In line with its global reach, Moyes & Co. has offices in Dallas, Houston, London, and Singapore.

The company developed proprietary economic models for major producing areas. Libraries of government fiscal terms, development costs, production forecasts, and product pricing are organized for retrieval. The company maintains proprietary economic models for most fiscal regimes and project specific models including cost and production information which may be manipulated with supporting commercial modeling software.



CGG is a global technology and HPC leader that provides data, products, services and solutions in Earth science, data science, sensing and monitoring. Our unique portfolio supports our clients in efficiently and responsibly solving complex digital, energy transition, natural resource, environmental, and infrastructure challenges for a more sustainable future.
Our proven geoscience technology and expertise across digital sciences, geophysics, geology & engineering, satellite mapping and multiphysics and our unique digital Earth Data library support the discovery and development of natural resources, while bringing greater subsurface insight for key areas of focus for the energy transition, such as CCUS, geothermal and critical minerals.
We also deliver environmental science intelligence for ESG, energy transition and pollution monitoring applications and offer specialized HPC and digital capabilities to leverage client data and accelerate workflows and decision-making.
Sercel designs and manufactures high-tech solutions for subsurface exploration as well as structural health monitoring, defense and underwater acoustics applications.

Zenith Energy Ltd

Zenith Energy Ltd

Zenith Energy Limited is an Independent Well Engineering Consultancy and Project Management company, owned and managed by Engineers. We provide the complete range of expertise through planning, drilling, completion and abandonment of all types of wells ranging from Oil, Gas, Geothermal and CO2 storage. We are an independent company with a team of 130 that are experienced and respected within the industry.

Zenith and our people bring vast experience and skills to any project we are involved in. We are experienced in land drilling, jack-ups, semis and drill ships and our personnel have worked in over 25 countries, for 60 operators gaining repeat business. We have experience in normal pressure wells, HPHT wells, Horizontal wells and Deep Water wells and work closely with both Drilling Contractors and Service Companies internationally.

In addition to our core team, we have access to a pool of experienced Well Engineering personnel covering, Completions, Well Testing, Offshore Supervisors, Subsea and Logistics and Contracts specialists.

Zenith have offices in Aberdeen UK, Perth Australia, Abu Dhabi UAE and Dakar Senegal.



PGS is an integrated, marine geophysical company. Accurate and reliable data is our core product: we acquire, image, and analyze it worldwide. Our mission is to support the energy industry with the right data at the right time. Through collaboration, we lead the way in the search for new resources. Energy companies use PGS data to understand the subsurface beneath the ocean floor to explore for new energy sites and resources, and to monitor reservoirs for production and storage.

PGS activities are organized into commercial and operational business areas.

• Sales & Services | promotes and sells seismic services and subsurface data, including acquisition and imaging, to support oil and gas exploration and production
• New Energy | develops technology and collaborative business models to support energy companies' seeking sustainable energy transition, including carbon capture use and storage, and offshore wind installations
• Operations | plans, manages and executes our data acquisition projects
• Technology and Digitalization | operates Enterprise IT, and manages digital transformation projects and R&D

PGS is headquartered in Norway, with offices in 14 countries around the world, and regional centers in Oslo, London, and Houston.

HRH Geology

HRH Geology

HRH Geology is the Energy Industry’s leading provider globally of operations geology services and cloud-ready software solutions.

Designed for the rig of the future, GravitasEDGETM software enables users to visualize wells, analyze well data and manage geological operations. Applications for well log interpretation, operational correlation, automated reporting and pore pressure monitoring enable real-time, data-driven workflows across drilling and subsurface disciplines. GravitasEDGE™ is next generation cloud-ready operations geology software, improving collaboration, productivity and drilling efficiency.

Along with providing our clients competence assured wellsite and operations Geologists for drilling campaigns, HRH Geology has been delivering technical services to the industry for over 30 years:

Real-time pressure monitoring ( Real-time pore pressure service delivered remotely)

Gas analysis and interpretation (review, analysis and interpretation of legacy gas and geochemical data)

Remote well monitoring (a flexible hybrid solution that leverages the cloud with our software to monitor your geological operations remotely)

Geological training (wide range of geological and drilling training program including accredited courses)

UK Digest

UK Digest

The UK Discovery Digest keeps users informed and up-to-date with industry-leading exploration and production (E&P) research, technical analysis and reporting. Whether you are an established player, new to the United Kingdom or new to the oil and gas industry, this subscription delivers in-depth, independent information to help you:
-Follow activity and results within your core areas and across the UK
-Stay up-to-date with competitors’ activities and licensing rounds
-Get the most up-to-date UK well information, hydrocarbon shows and test data in a consistent and reliable geological setting
-Get up-to-speed quickly with our library of over 6,700 articles, well logs and seismic lines in the UK